RSVP + Ticket Information

Dating Strategy Blueprint on 10/10/17 ONLY

Ticket to the workshop with Dr. Rhodes ONLY on 10/10.17.

Be Healthy. Date Healthy. Workshop on 10/17/17 ONLY

Ticket includes workshop on 10/17/17 ONLY.

Pre-Date Rituals and Planning on 10/24/17

Ticket includes cost of workshop on 10/24/17 ONLY.

Rapport Workshop Series: Access to all workshops + Launch Party on 10/27/17 at Norwood

This tickets gives you access to all the workshops as well as VIP entry to our event on 10/27/17. The event on 10/27/17 includes a sensuality and connection workshop. Location of even on 10/27/17 is Norwood located at 241 West 14th Street, NY, NY.

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